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What are Amblyz™ glasses?

Amblyz™ glasses represent a totally new approach in the treatment of amblyopia. The electronic device, shaped like glasses, is easy to use, comfortable, efficient and made for children from 3 – 10 years of age.

Using intermittent occlusion of the healthy eye, Amblyz™ glasses force the development of the amblyopic eye without pain, discomfort or the stigma associated with existing therapies, such as an eye patch.

In addition, patients diagnosed with an amblyopic eye usually require perscription glasses; Amblyz™ glasses however can serve as an amblyopia therapy and prescription glasses at the same time.

XPAND Amblyz™ Cleared for Sale in the U.S. by the FDA

Amblyz™, electronic occluder glasses manufactured by XPAND, received recent clearance from the FDA to be sold and marketed in the U.S.

Amblyz™ glasses should be prescribed by an eye-care professional and can be sent to an optician to be fitted with correction lenses. The glasses feature a kid-friendly, unisex design. The inner lining is made of soft rubber to ensure fit and comfort for all-day wear. The device runs on rechargeable batteries, and needs to be connected to a power supply to recharge.

In the U.S., Amblyz™ glasses are available from the Good-Lite Company. For more information on Amblyz™ glasses, or to order please visit:


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