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XPAND stands for quality products – this hasn’t changed even after the recent diversification in Cinema Division. XPAND Cinema now supports digital operations on different levels of cinema business with products that are top-notch on one hand and made to simplify your cinema operations on the other.

XPAND 3D Cinema product line is the right choice if you are looking for expanding your cinema or multiplex to be ready for crisp and immaculate 3D.

The Most Prominent Film Festivals

XPAND 3D is a trusted 3D partner for premium cinema and film industry events like Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. At XPAND 3D we take great pride in being recognized as Quality Leaders in 3D by the greatest organizations in Cinema industry.

Iconic Cinemas

On top of the most prominent film festivals, XPAND is the chosen 3D technology for most iconic cinemas of today like Arclights Cinerama Dome at Sunset Boulevard and La Géode Paris. With a 1.000 sq. m screen, la Géode in Paris is one of the largest half dome screen in the world. In order to offer new digital content to its audience, la Géode has installed a brand new 4K digital equipment and is using XPAND Infinity 3D Glasses.

More about XPAND 3D Cinema

In a step towards offering more support to partner exhibitors, XPAND now offers a digital display solution – CineInfo Display.

CineInfo Display is a simple, efficient and flexible solution for displaying ALL information in your cinema and other related indoor and outdoor venues with user-friendly central administration interface.

With CineInfo Display one can easily monitor and administrate displays throughout a single cinema unit or throughout the multiplex chain from a single location connected to a network: Auditorium Entrance, Box Office, Concession Stands, Video Walls, Bar / Lounge, Interior or Exterior — Displays at each of these locations can be easily set-up and controlled; anyone can learn how to do it in a matter of hours.

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