XPAND 3D Educational Package

XPAND 3D Educational Kit is everything you need for a 3D classroom. There are four key elements comprising this package:

To run 3D Classroom you will also need / may already have the following:

XPAND 3D Educational Package

The 3D Educational Environment Explained

Here you can find additional explanation on the 3D Education environment: you need the 3D glasses, you need the projector, then computers to store and play your content and in the end 3D content library.

XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses in a Case

XPAND took what was best in the cinema and made it available for the classroom utilizing DLP® Link 3D communication for 3D ready projectors. The XPAND Edux 3 3D Glasses for education have the following features: no installation, replaceable batteries, automatic OFF...

DLP Projector

3D ready projectors powered by DLP Technology from Texas Instruments are here. Arm your classroom with new 3D ready projectors powered by DLP Technology – any DLP Link 3D ready projector will do. Maybe your school already has projectors like that!

If your school doesn’t yet have 3D ready projectors, you should be able to find the model that will suit your needs: classroom size, shape and viewing conditions, plus cost that will fit in your budget. The best way is to find a local specialist dealer and discuss with them.

Nothing captures the attention of students like 3D. With a 3D curriculum, you can create a completely immersive environment in which your students can learn more and retain that information for higher test scores.
With compelling 3D content for Biology, Geography, Science, History, Math and more, you’ll bring your curriculum to new levels of “Wow”. 3D ready projectors operate in standard 2D and 3D modes automatically and are virtually the same price as a standard projector.

Computer (if not already available in the school):

Option 1 – Minimal Requirements for Educational Content Playback:

Option 2 – Minimal Requirements for real-time PC (enables also especially content):

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