3D Glasses, Cinema, Virtual Reality...

The way we experience the visual arts is changing rapidly… from 3D glasses in cinemas, to virtual reality running cloud gaming services at home, the future is bright!

3D glasses explained. How do they work, what's the history?

Virtual reality headsets, how do they work? How immersive are they really?

Immersiveness in cinemas, how far will we go? What's 4D cinema, is there a 5D concept out there already?

Cloud gaming... is it the future? or just a gimmick? What about the latency problem?

We'll dive deep into these concepts
Bringing 3D into Our World

Most of these concepts are quite new and technical, we aim to provide easy to read explanations and information, so anyone can understand where we’re going, and how these technologies are going to transform the world.

Web Hosting and Cloud Gaming

One of the main issues with cloud gaming is the latency issue, the lag between input and what you see on the screen. The servers used for cloud gaming have to be incredible fast and efficient to fix this problem.

These types of servers are not the same type you would use for your normal web hosting goals, like building a website.

Even the best web hosts wouldn’t be able to handle the processing required. Our guess is it’ll take another few years before we find a solution to eliminate most of the lag people experience.