Why Cloud Gaming is On the Rise

Cloud gaming has gained a lot of popularity in the past few months. Just as downloadable content and new technology has changed the gaming industry, cloud gaming is setting out to reinvent what a person needs to play the highest quality games.

By removing the need for hardware and giving the user the ability to play where and how they want, cloud gaming may just be the future of gaming as we know it. Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative technology and how it can affect your game play.

What is Cloud Gaming

One of the restricting factors for a gamer, whether they are on a computer or a console, is requiring the newest hardware to run the latest games. If you are working with old equipment then it can be hard to quickly load and play new games, or run those games at all.

What cloud gaming does is remove the need for the physical system in a home. These new services stream the game of your choice to a device or system you already own without requiring you to have a hard drive or graphics card. This means no upgrades and no new equipment every time a console or new GPU is available.

Cloud gaming is equivalent to Netflix or Amazon Prime: simply purchase a service and a whole world of games become available to the user. These services work on a subscription service as well, requiring monthly payments to continue to game.

Instead of buying a game and a console to play a couple times and never use again, you can cancel these cloud gaming services as you finish games or no longer have time to play.

How Does it Work

Replacing a console with an app on a TV or other device, a user would be able to log on to the service and play the most graphic intensive games available. The only requirement for this service is a strong internet connection. This is possible because the service provider hosts the game on servers that people log on to enjoy. Everything is virtual.

One of the most beneficial parts of this type of gaming is that it removes the need to upgrade equipment every few years, as the service would have its own maintenance and updates.

This technology is very similar to streaming videos or movies. The only difference is that as a user, you would be sending input commands to control the stream and interact with the game. This leaves the servers on the administrative side to do all the processing and computing while you enjoy the service on any screen.

All of this does mean that the streaming service needs a very powerful server setup to be able to deliver that kind of performance, only the best web hosting providers would be able to pull this off. If you want to find a good web host, we recommend searching for a detailed web hosting comparison. This will save you a lot of time in research the different hosting providers.

Why Cloud Gaming is the Future

There are a couple key factors that make cloud gaming the next step for a lot of people. Ranging from a financial standpoint or just a move to more convenience, cloud gaming offers three major advantages to the traditional gaming style known now.

Low to no equipment costs

By using a server and stream service, cloud gaming eliminates the need of a computer or device to run the game in the first place. This means that the user is only required to have two things:

  • A strong enough internet connection to stream the service
  • A display to interact with.

Because almost every household today has great connectivity and at least one TV, most people do not need to buy any additional equipment at all.


Another problem with the current gaming industry is if you want to play a game in another room, or bring a game to a friend’s house, then you must transport the entire system.

By switching to cloud gaming, you would be able to play in any space with a screen and internet. This means that you can quickly move rooms, houses, or playing areas and still enjoy the same game you were playing. This makes cloud gaming the easiest and most accessible way to game in multiple environments.


If you frequently play high-quality games, then you understand that it takes time to get the game to load, or to just switch areas in a game. This is often because open world games download the entire game so it’s always ready to play. However, this comes at the cost of having to wait for the game to load in its entirety the first time.

With cloud gaming, there is nothing to load or render before you game. With a simple login to the service, you can be within a virtual reality and playing the most popular games in minutes.

Allowing you to jump into your game faster with no time needed for setup or loading screens is a huge advantage for serious gamers.

Overall, cloud gaming brings several benefits for players. While some will always favor the experience of going the store and purchasing a physical copy in its case, cloud gaming makes on-the-go playing easier for everyone.

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